Our Expertise

We create custom IT products to help businesses from a range of industries. We use the most cutting-edge technologies to deliver future-proof solutions that automate and improve business processes. Our services include software development, software testing, technical support, and IT maintenance. All of our solutions are conceptualized to reduce your costs, minimize human error, and ultimately maximize your profit. We specialize in helping companies in the following industries:

Financial institutions appreciate our knowledge and existing experience in their field. We can create custom solutions that solve problems for bankers, investors, and traders.


Insurance technology is tricky from the point of view of localization, adaptation, and usability. We know what it takes to make a truly useful insurance tool that will stand the test of time.


Telecom has the ability to reach a tremendous amount of people and to help them in ways other technologies cannot. Ask us about our custom voice and SMS solutions.


We pioneered an innovative product in the e-health industry, and we strongly believe this to be one of the most exciting fields in today’s tech world. We can help you build a custom e-health project.


We are in the business of human resources. We cherish our tremendous talent and invest in their continuous development. Ask us about hiring a dedicated remote team for your project.

Our mission is to be a trusted technology partner to our customers, helping them minimize their investment in software solutions while improving time-to-market through efficient project management and oversight.

About DAS

Where The Key Word is TRUST

DAS Solutions is a young and dynamic IT company focusing on providing top quality services for businesses in a wide range of industries. Through its team of passionate and creative experts, DAS’ goal is to meet the existing and future requirements of the most demanding international institutions. Our small team of ICT professionals is located in Chisinau, Moldova, and has vast experience in the design, development, and delivery of flexible IT solutions.

We pride ourselves in becoming trusted partners with our clients, and we ensure that all our activities revolve around one overarching goal: allowing our clients to focus on what matters most - their business.

We believe that success is defined by bold, far-reaching goals and a lot of hard work. Keeping this in mind, we know that your trust in us is a tremendous responsibility that we do not take lightly.

  • Software Development

    We design, develop, and implement software solutions for our clients internationally.

  • Support & Maintenance

    We provide support and maintenance services to new and existing solutions.

  • Customer Care

    We provide customer care, testing, and custom helpdesk solutions.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    While our main goal is to provide the best ICT solutions out there, we are first and foremost in the business of customer service. Send us a message, and find out for yourself!


Our Team

We believe that success is defined by bold, far-reaching goals and a lot of hard work. Innovative solutions are envisioned by happy people, and this is why we value and cherish our employees. They are our most valuable asset.
Elena has extensive experience in the planning and implementation of ICT projects, business administration, and R&D. She is responsible for DAS Solutions’ long-term development strategy.
Project Manager
On Time. On Budget. On Target. This is Eugene’s mantra. He keeps an eye on our projects making sure we meet and exceed customers’ expectations. His background in different areas allows him to talk business to any client.
Senior Developer Team Lead
Vitaly is our developer-in-chief. With over 15 years of experience in IT development, he leads DAS’ efforts in the design and implementation of the most cutting-edge products using .NET technologies.
Senior Account Manager
Daria is a lead point of contact for our clients on each and every stage of a project. Her experience in marketing and account management allows to effectively identify companies that need our support. She leads our account management team.
Account Manager
Oleg is a seasoned sales expert with vast experience in a wide range of industries. His graduate and undergraduate studies and professional background include business administration and economics. We value his contribution to our team.
HR Manager
Iulia has a serious background and interest in everything related to human resources. She makes sure that our current employees are happy and well taken care of, while at the same time finding other superstars to join us.


At DAS Solutions, we know that our most valuable asset is our team. We seek bright, innovative, and dedicated people who share our vision to make a long-lasting impact. While DAS is still a startup, we make sure that we cherish those who join our team: we offer an excellent compensation package, a modern and comfortable work environment, unlimited treats, as well as ample room to grow.

and let’s build something together!
Angular Developer

  • We are looking for an Angular Developer to work on an awesome project. The task is to rewrite an existing Windows application into an Angular App. Interested? Send us your CV today!
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Mobile Developer

  • Do you have experience developing for iOS and Android? Do you have experience with apps with fast-paced release cycles? Are you willing to become a team leader? Great, get in touch with us today!
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UI/UX Guru

  • We offer a great opportunity to grow particularly in front-end web development, improve your design skills, and contribute to creating a tool from scratch. Can you call yourself a UI/UX guru? Awesome! Send us your CV today!
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  • View all our current job openings. If you see something that interests you, please apply. Thank you! For any questions feel free to get in touch with us by sending an email to
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An important goal of our endeavor is to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of young programmers, designers, and ICT managers. Find out more about DAS Foundation - our social responsibility initiative.