Software as a Service

Five Benefits of Software as a Service Solutions

Software as a service is a way of delivering applications over the Internet. One can simply access the application from the browser, freeing themselves from complex software and hardware management. The solution is owned, delivered and supported by a software provider. Below you will find five benefits of software as a service solutions:

  • Cost

One can eliminate many expenses by using the services of a software provider. For instance, instead of spending huge amounts of money on hardware, software as a service applications can be easily accessed online. Moreover, the software provider is responsible for installation, maintenance and upgrades. Small businesses in particular should consider using software as a service, because they can use powerful tools that might have been inaccessible otherwise.

  • Customization

Software as a service solutions allow customizations that are unique for a company’s business needs. New software can always be produced from the ground-up around the specific needs of a company. Additionally, existing open source solutions can be customized and made more powerful with the additions of exact features that are needed by a business.

  • Fast deployment

Software installation can be expensive, but it is often also a lengthy process. With software as a service solutions, installation costs are significantly reduced, and access to the internet and a web browser are the only requirements to use the product. Furthermore, your IT team won’t need to spend its time on such tasks as software installation since employees will be able to use the solution immediately.

  • Compatibility

Software as a service also resolves another critical and often annoying aspect of software development. By using software as a service, you are certain that regardless which operating system runs on your employees’ computers, the software will always behave correctly. As long as the vendor is responsible for upgrades and they are performed remotely, one can be sure that employees will always use the latest version of the software.

  • Accessibility

SaaS can be accessed from any mobile device that has an internet connection which means that users are able to access their data and work efficiently from anywhere.This  makes life easier for home-workers or for those who are responsible for monitoring and must have access to the software in case of emergency.

After deciding to use software as a service, make sure that you choose a trusted vendor that maintains and upgrades the solution in a timely manner.

IT Solutions Can Change Your Company’s Workflow

Regardless how big or small a business is, one is not able to control and follow up on the entire daily workflow that takes place in the company. Information technologies come in handy, because they help to analyze the performance and predict sales rates. IT solutions providers can develop the right software for your business which can help you in the following ways:

1. Streamline business operations

The optimization of business processes begins with the measurement of the current business process. Software can give you the opportunity to collect data such as wasted materials, the time required to complete a task or assemble a piece of equipment. You need to analyze the data and come up with a plan that will solve the problem. But what if you have a piece of software for order entry, another for accounting and the third for client relations? A good team of IT solutions providers who will be able to create a personalized integrated platform where you are able to conveniently keep track of all business operations.

2. Increase and measure your team’s productivity

A user-friendly application where employees can complete and follow up on tasks can significantly improve the company’s work processes. With new software your employees will spend their working hours more efficiently, which will save the company a lot of resources in the long run. Being able to see the tasks completed by workers during the day, one can rapidly identify problems in the workflow and cope with them.

3. Communicate more effectively with customers and business partners

Every business that works with clients must have a piece of software where information about interactions with customers and partners is held. It is vital for the business development and a growing sales rates. Besides information on previous interactions with the client, it is always nice to show some timely attention to customers or partners on birthdays or work anniversaries. IT solutions providers can develop a software that is going to fit your business objectives.

4. Minimize paper processes

Leveraging the latest print device technology can significantly impact the workflow automation by shifting from printed pages to electronic documents and thus minimizing human error. New technologies can be used to improve, fasten and automate your current manual business practices.

In case you identify a problem in the workflow of your business, address it to a professional team of IT solutions providers who will evaluate your needs and come up with a piece of software that will help your company grow.

Moving Forward,
DAS Solutions Team.