Mobile apps and VAS

Can Mobile Apps and VAS Get Along?

Mobile apps and VAS (Value Added Services) are competitors in the race for subscribers. According to research conducted by J’Son&Partners Consulting, MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) are making less profit from voice, SMS and MMS traffic. This happens because:

  1. The competition between MNOs is very high;
  2. The consumption model of communication services by subscribers has changed.

In order to diversify, mobile network operators use mobile apps and VAS. However, application markets have been winning the game so far.

Mobile apps help solve various problems in everyday life.

Thousands of applications are launched in app markets such as the App Store and Google Play daily. As a result, MNOs that previously distributed content via VAS need to integrate in the new model of content distribution via apps.

In a white paper published by a consultancy, N. Dobberstein and Soon Ghee Chua argue that MNOs should be “smart enablers”. The key to MNOs’ success is in the encouragement of collaboration between different multimedia market players and in provision of insights of customers’ behavior as well as in offering tailored solutions and recommendations to customers. MNOs have to incorporate mobile apps in their offerings to strengthen the relationship with subscribers.

VAS will always be more expensive than mobile apps. Alan Knott-Craig says that this happens because “mobile operators will always take too much revenue share. In SA [South Africa], MTN keeps about 40%, Cell C about 30%, and Vodacom about 20%.” On the other hand, he also mentions that Visa and MasterCard take from 1%-7% of the revenue share when people buy applications from stores. Another thing that makes the VAS model more expensive is that it relies on costly advertising, such as TV ads.

VAS are not as intuitive as mobile apps and are hard to discover. In order to use the service, the subscriber has to know the exact short code of the service.

The shift toward mobile apps is beneficial for end-users because data is cheaper than SMS, MMS or voice. At the same time the trend is favorable for developers who do not depend on MNOs and can market their services globally without any integration with carrier billing. This allows applications to reach more people than ever before.

Mobile apps and VAS continue their battle for the ARPU (average revenue per user) and it is far from over.

At DAS Solutions we follow the standard Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to develop various mobile applications. We develop for Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms. The choice of picking one platform or technology over the other depends on the customer’s specific requirements.

Financial IT Services Give You a Competitive Advantage

At DAS Solutions we understand that financial companies need solid IT services to stay competitive. That is why we provide you with custom financial IT services that help you get closer to your business goals and align with your budget.

We develop fintech solutions in the following areas of the financial industry:
• Banking
• Financial Services
• Capital Markets
• Investment Management
• Investment Banking

Here are some financial IT services and solutions we can potentially provide for you:

1. A platform that can give your customers the possibility to respond to your SMS-receipts. With this option you will have the possibility to listen to what your customers have to say and adjust your services accordingly.

2. Secure online payment systems that will eliminate long queues and improve the customer experience.

3. A web-based application which makes the connection between a bank and an insurance company that generates documents, calculates the sum of the insured objects, keeps track of all sales and generates reports regarding agents’ activity.

4. A solution that will let your customers take loans online based on their credit history. You can decrease the interest rate for those who use the online system to make it more appealing in the promotion phase. The procedure does not require a lot of resources and does not involve tedious bureaucracy.

5. A crowdfunding platform that will help both new and well-established companies to identify new business opportunities and diversify.

6. An application for mobile phones and tablets that will allow one to pay for services using mobile devices.

7. An application that will give wholesale and retail merchants the ability to sell their products in credit without long discussions with banks. Such an option will significantly increase sale rates.

8. A budgeting tool that will help you track expenses and income for your business.

9. An online stock trading platform and application that will allow its users to trade in an easy and enjoyable way.

10. A peer-to-peer lending platform where rates are low, the application process is simple, and lending decisions are made quickly.

These are only examples of what can we develop and implement, we can create any solution based on your needs. Contact us directly to find out how our financial IT services and solutions can help you save time, resources and most importantly, bring you additional revenue.

Moving Forward,
DAS Solutions Team. 
Science Slam Latest Technology

DAS Solutions Invests in Latest Technology

Investing money and time into something dear to you is important, but often it only takes encouragement and support to kickstart one’s project. DAS Solutions actively supports young scientists who are interested in latest technology. We find young scientists in the IT sector (and others) and make their voices heard.

DAS Solutions is one of the organizers of Science Slam in Moldova. Science Slam is an event where young people prove that research is fun. Scientific research from all disciplines is presented to fellow researchers, representatives of research institutions, policy makers and the general public.

The idea of presenting scientific discoveries in a captivating and creative way originated in 2008 in Germany. Since then, the idea of running such events spread throughout the world. Now Science Slam takes place in North America, Brazil, The UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, China, India and Japan. We aim at making Science Slam an established tradition here in Moldova.

On December 8, a Moldovan Robotics student will present the robot that she and her friends created using latest technology. The robot is controlled by a mobile app and it has recently won a gold medal as a participant in an exhibition of innovations in Moldova.

Another young researcher will discuss how latest technology can help doctors doing ultrasound scans diagnose patients more accurately. The participant (or “Slammer”) will present the ways in which the system can be implemented and its advantages.

Usually caterpillars are combated using chemicals that damage both the environment and agricultural products. A Slammer from Moldova came up with an idea to fight insects using a virus which affects only caterpillars. According to his findings, the method is eco-friendly and does not have a negative impact on the products.

Another Slammer comes from the domain of psychology. She will discuss the various sources of stress among children, and the connection between latest technologies and stress levels among teens. She will come with a set of recommendations and tips for parents everywhere to lower this impact.

Young scientists who are interested in latest technology discoveries must be supported, because they are the ones who come up with original solutions for existing problems in all areas. DAS Solutions invests its time and resources in the future of a better world.

DAS Solutions and NEM Logos

DAS Solutions is Now a Member of NEM Initiative

We would like to announce that recently DAS Solutions became a member of NEM. Many major European organizations that work in the electronic and networked media area, as well as in content provision, broadcasting, network equipment manufacturing along with some network operators, service providers, academia members, standardization bodies and government institutions are members of New European Media.


NEM’s aim is to support the convergence between telecommunications, broadcasting and consumer electronic to foster the business of networked and electronic media.

The initiative focuses on the improvement of user experience as well as on innovative applications and personalized services that are in different media forms.

The main goal is to promote the development of media and communication environments and the content generated by end-users.

NEM Innovation Areas

The organization supports innovations in the following areas:

  • Digital content

Design of media content by both professionals and non-professionals supported by different tools for content creation.

  • Shared media applications

This includes the creation of classical and new media applications for different audience.

  • Future media delivery networks and network services

Establishment of complex networks with universal and seamless service provision.

  • New user devices and terminals

Creation of different multimedia devices such as gateways for home and mobile devices with innovative features. Also development of application programming interfaces for new creative applications.

DAS Solutions Input

By being a participant of NEM Initiative DAS Solutions plans:

  • To support young talents and IT professionals who wish to make a difference in the world.
  • To participate actively in NEM Summits that take place throughout the year.
  • To create solutions that add value to software development industry such as applications that create awareness about problems communities face in the contemporary society.

DAS Solutions is looking forward to new possibilities as a stakeholder of NEM Initiative. If you have an idea that you always wanted to realize let us know.