DAS Solutions Invests in Latest Technology

Investing money and time into something dear to you is important, but often it only takes encouragement and support to kickstart one’s project. DAS Solutions actively supports young scientists who are interested in latest technology. We find young scientists in the IT sector (and others) and make their voices heard.

DAS Solutions is one of the organizers of Science Slam in Moldova. Science Slam is an event where young people prove that research is fun. Scientific research from all disciplines is presented to fellow researchers, representatives of research institutions, policy makers and the general public.

The idea of presenting scientific discoveries in a captivating and creative way originated in 2008 in Germany. Since then, the idea of running such events spread throughout the world. Now Science Slam takes place in North America, Brazil, The UK, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, China, India and Japan. We aim at making Science Slam an established tradition here in Moldova.

On December 8, a Moldovan Robotics student will present the robot that she and her friends created using latest technology. The robot is controlled by a mobile app and it has recently won a gold medal as a participant in an exhibition of innovations in Moldova.

Another young researcher will discuss how latest technology can help doctors doing ultrasound scans diagnose patients more accurately. The participant (or “Slammer”) will present the ways in which the system can be implemented and its advantages.

Usually caterpillars are combated using chemicals that damage both the environment and agricultural products. A Slammer from Moldova came up with an idea to fight insects using a virus which affects only caterpillars. According to his findings, the method is eco-friendly and does not have a negative impact on the products.

Another Slammer comes from the domain of psychology. She will discuss the various sources of stress among children, and the connection between latest technologies and stress levels among teens. She will come with a set of recommendations and tips for parents everywhere to lower this impact.

Young scientists who are interested in latest technology discoveries must be supported, because they are the ones who come up with original solutions for existing problems in all areas. DAS Solutions invests its time and resources in the future of a better world.

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