DAS Solutions is Now a Member of NEM Initiative

We would like to announce that recently DAS Solutions became a member of NEM. Many major European organizations that work in the electronic and networked media area, as well as in content provision, broadcasting, network equipment manufacturing along with some network operators, service providers, academia members, standardization bodies and government institutions are members of New European Media.


NEM’s aim is to support the convergence between telecommunications, broadcasting and consumer electronic to foster the business of networked and electronic media.

The initiative focuses on the improvement of user experience as well as on innovative applications and personalized services that are in different media forms.

The main goal is to promote the development of media and communication environments and the content generated by end-users.

NEM Innovation Areas

The organization supports innovations in the following areas:

  • Digital content

Design of media content by both professionals and non-professionals supported by different tools for content creation.

  • Shared media applications

This includes the creation of classical and new media applications for different audience.

  • Future media delivery networks and network services

Establishment of complex networks with universal and seamless service provision.

  • New user devices and terminals

Creation of different multimedia devices such as gateways for home and mobile devices with innovative features. Also development of application programming interfaces for new creative applications.

DAS Solutions Input

By being a participant of NEM Initiative DAS Solutions plans:

  • To support young talents and IT professionals who wish to make a difference in the world.
  • To participate actively in NEM Summits that take place throughout the year.
  • To create solutions that add value to software development industry such as applications that create awareness about problems communities face in the contemporary society.

DAS Solutions is looking forward to new possibilities as a stakeholder of NEM Initiative. If you have an idea that you always wanted to realize let us know.

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