High-Tech Halloween and How Technology Can Make Things Scarier

High-tech makes Halloween scarier than ever before. Nowadays there is an app for everything, and when it comes to Halloween, they range from keeping your kids safe to scaring the pants off of your colleagues and friends.

There are apps for chatting with your family and apps for keeping track of your family members’ locations. Parents these days can set boundary limits on where their kids are allowed to go and can get notified if they go too far (and no worries about cheating, kids will never leave their smartphones anywhere!). In terms of high-tech Halloween, it is a good way to keep track of where your little ghost went.

This year Google launched frightgeist a website that helps people find the most popular costumes. Also, the website suggests less popular characters so that one has a chance to be exceptional at a costume party.

Morph Suits has acquired Digital Dudz, a manufacturer of ingenious “high-tech” costumes. Their high-tech Halloween costumes  must be worn along with a smartphone and an installed app for the projection of scary and realistic animations, such as the twitching eyeball. This high-tech Halloween outfit idea has changed the Halloween costumes industry.

Creating high-tech Halloween costumes using fiber optic also went viral in the last few years. People use fiber optic to design dresses, wings, leggings, Iron Man outfits and more.

Fiber optics dress

Fiber Optic Dress by Natalina

There are spooky Halloween-themed animations that can be projected on the window or TV. In combination with wireless speakers and laser pumpkins the atmosphere around your house or office can be spine-chilling.

All in all, technology widens possibilities and scarring becomes more sophisticated while costumes turn out to be more realistic. A devoted and creative team of software developers can help you bring your idea to life (*wink*). DAS Solutions wishes you a spooky high-tech Halloween!

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