Business Process Automation at GRAWE Carat

GRAWE Carat is a multilateral, international company which unites insurance companies, banks and real estate under its umbrella which has been developed initial from a fire insurance company. GRAWE Carat Moldova is a member of thirteen Central and East European insurance GRAWE Group‘s company subsidiaries.
The company’s solutions provide organizations and individuals with all ranges of service at the highest level as well as unique and tailored products.


GRAWE Carat Moldova was aiming to strengthen its presence on the bancassurance market by providing banks with a convenient tool to create insurance contracts on their own and easily exchange contract info with GRAWE head office.

This tool should comply with banks’ strict security policies, be accessible from both web browser and internal bank automation systems as well as provide means for administration for the insurance company.


It was decided to build a system with Web Services providing a core for Web interface or Internal Bank Automation System interface to connect to.

This way we could have a single data processing point with a flexibility and potential of using different user interfaces simultaneously.

A powerful admin panel was also created to give GRAWE full control over the application.


The tool became a huge success on the local market with 6 major country’s commercial banks using it on a daily basis and generating thousands of insurance contracts every month.

It allows GRAWE Carat to dominate bank assurance market in Moldova, tremendously increase their broker network and easily deliver other insurance products to bank customers.

Skills: C# 4.5, Web API 2.0, OAuth 2.0, Entity Framework 6.x, MS SQL 2014, Reporting Services, JavaScript, AngularJS
Tools: Visual Studio 2013/2015, NUnit, Git, JIRA, ReSharper
Team: 5 members
Time Frame: 2015 – ongoing


Insurance, Software Development


Date published

October 24, 2017