Debt Management System for Cash Collect

Our German client Cash Collect offers a wide range of instruments that work quickly and effectively. To regulate outstanding claims, their employees can resort to a multitude of instruments:

– collection reminder
– legal reminder
– telephone debt collection
– address inquiries
– credit checks etc.

Cash Collect was faced with the challenge of creating a simple, fast, and totally paperless debtor’s debt management system. But the classic debtor’s management process is the total opposite of that. Traditional debtor’s debt management isn’t only time, resource consuming and inconvenient, but also comes with the additional problems of having multiple uncontrolled manual flows of interaction between several systems and management process.

CashBro is a debt management system designed to make the interaction with debtors smooth, effortless and easy.

At phase 1 of implementation, the system allows the client to load debtor debts data and setup the desired interaction flow. The system allows the client to setup debtors management flows which includes but not limited to:

  • Customizable notifications based on the status of debt;
  • Customized commissions;
  • Customized automated reports;
  • Customized Installment payments, etc.

The system also supports automatic comparison-debt adjustments based on payments data imported in the system, as well as management of multiple legal entities customers debtor debts.

In addition to the basic functionality, the system allowed to make the interaction with Client employees optimal and effortless through a well-defined and customized hierarchy of roles and monitoring-identification of the actions taken by each user (logs).

CashBro not only allowed Client to optimize debtor debts management by reducing operational costs, the automatization of debtor management, made the entire interaction with debtors simple, planned, controllable and resultative by providing a SSOT (single source of trough) for all data related to debtor’s management.

Skills:.NET Core, Angular 6, PostgreSQL
Tools:Visual Studio 2015,Visual Studio Code
Team: 4 members
Time frame: March – July 2018


Finance & Banking, Software Development


Date published

November 12, 2018