Digital Advisory Process at LPA

LPA is a successful consulting firm specializing in interest rate and foreign exchange management. It combines the services of a consulting company with innovative software solutions, products and strategies from the capital market business.

The growing requirements and other conditions imposed by Europe’s banking regulators are diverse in nature and involve much more work and documentation for each financial institution. This presents many banks with a new challenge. Competitors additionally exert pressure on the markets.

Only comprehensive digitization can rise to the new challenges and make the banking business efficient, compliant and less costly. Much needed optimization in the value creation chain and enhancing customer communication can only be achieved with digital innovation — whether for in-house or the regulator.

Together we’ve developed various software tools for the digitization of the advisory process which:

* are suitable for a varied range of products;
* present a product selection with due regard to appropriateness, investment goal, target market and any market expectations;
* make it possible to present and compare a number of product proposals and to include ad-hoc pricing;
* offer background knowledge of digital products;
* enable an automated generation of KID and consultancy documentation;
* ensure the recording and saving of the entire session;
* are extremely extensible on demand.

The digital advisory process is being used by several major banks.

Skills: C#, Web API, Entity Framework, MSSQL, TypeScript, Angular
Tools: Visual Studio, ReSharper, XUnit, Visual Studio Code, NPM, Git, Visual Studio Online
Team: 5 members
Time frame: 2016 – ongoing


Finance & Banking, Outsourcing, Products Developed, Software Development


Date published

December 18, 2017