RCS Business Messaging platform

Enabld, a new-born spin-off from DAS Solutions, founded by seasoned experts from leading telcos (Orange, Telia, ZTE, BICS) which is a progressive software development company growing and helping businesses from the telco area as well as from other leading industries.

Development of the functional communications platform that manages the operation of messaging services between service providers and companies based on the new RCS technology. RCS Business Messaging platform adds live location, group chat support, read receipts, stickers, audio & video messages. It also overcomes several shortcomings of SMS, such as the 160-character limit, which had — over the past few years — started to appear like pointless rules of a bygone era.

Together with our experts in telecom from Enabld and experts from TUM (Technical University of Moldova), we successfully elaborate and developed the following features:

  • receiving and sending SMS messages;
  • receiving and sending complex, interactive messages through RCS;
  • transfer audio, video, image files;
  • 1-on-1 chat;
  • group chat;
  • sharing content in user groups.

DAS Solutions offers an RCS Business Messaging platform to enable Service Providers to provide the full spectrum of Unified Communications (SMS, Voice, RCS, OTT, WebRTC, IoT, etc). DAS RCS Business Messaging enables Omni-channel Communications & Collaboration solutions to generate new revenue streams, improve customer experience, and boost employee productivity. DAS CPaaS Platform connects businesses with clients through a wide variety of avenues, ranging from SMS and self-service programs, to instant RCS messaging and social media. Reducing latency in operations and accelerating decision-making processes are helping organizations gain a very significant competitive advantage. Sending the right information, to the right person, on the right device requires both intelligences to decide on what is the most appropriate action to take and business-critical communications services, both orchestrated from the cloud by RCS Business Messaging.

Means used:

  • SIP proxy, SIP Server, SIP Client;
  • TCP, UDP transport layers;
  • MSRP relay;
  • Windows 10 Professional 64-bit English;
  • Linux Ubuntu;
  • Restcom.

The full report you can download here.

Skills: Java, Angular, DB Cassandra, DB Maria, Spark, Elasandra, Kibana, Infinispan (Cach Server).


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Date published

February 10, 2021