SMS Gateway for DOTT Telecom

DOTT Telecom OU is a Telecommunication Service Provider based in Estonia, which acts on the international SMS exchange market having more than 60 agreements signed with telecommunications companies. DOTT Telecom places value upon their world-class team, offering services at the highest levels of quality, and ensuring a maximum level of transparency with their clients.

Because of the fast-growing SMS exchange market, DOTT Telecom had to securely and reliably deliver SMS services by handling large volumes of traffic, with prioritized throughput and redundancy, respecting the highest SLA requirements in the industry. The company was looking to eliminate A2P bypass traffic, reduce spam, improve customer satisfaction and increase its revenues by creating a messaging strategy for international and national traffic.

Together with our experts in telecom, we successfully developed and adapted for DOTT Telecom the SMS Gateway, a platform with the following features:

• SMPP, SS7, HTTP, SIP connections Modules
• Graphical User Interface
• Command Line Interface
• Account Management Module
• Routing Management (Fixed, Active Standby, Load Sharing, Round Robin).
• Advanced routing – routing by Sender, Content, Error Code, DLR Error code
• Separate routing for short and long SMS to the same destination (Concatenated message)
• Product Management (Destination, Outgoing path, Routing Context)
• SMS encoding translation
• SMPP Server Properties Module
• SMSG Server Properties Module
• Server Management Module
• Store and Forward Module
• Rates Management Module
• Integration with Data Base and Cache Server
• Retry Module CORE and GUI
• Error Management Module
• Mobile Number Portability
• Alarm tool module
• Billing Integration
• High availability

The SMS Gateway permits DOTT Telecom to extend the number and type of connections of its customers and suppliers, simultaneously increasing the monthly traffic. Thus, raising the company’s revenue, managing intelligently the traffic routing using performed rules and options. Just as importantly, the company obtained a powerful analytical and statistical tool for in-time decision making.

Skills: JavaScript, AngularJS
Tools: Mobicents JAIN SLEE 1.1, jSS7 Stack, JBOSS 5.1, CASANDRA 3.0 INFINISPAN 9.0.3 (WILDFLY), Kibana, Elastic Stack
Team: 3 members
Time Frame: 2016 – ongoing


Bulk SMS, Products Developed, SMS Gateway, Software Development, Telecom


Bulk SMS, SMS Aggregator, SMS Gateway, SMS Service Provider, SMS Traffic, Telecom, Telecommunication

Date published

October 17, 2018