Secure Software Development and Its Importance

With the emergence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, it is crucial  that employees use secure programs and applications on their devices.

Cyber criminals can break into networks in various ways and one of them is through third-party applications installed on workers’ personal devices. If the software solution is vulnerable, it can be exploited with costly consequences. Companies in the financial sector are especially at risk, but companies in the insurance and lending business are usually high on the target lists as well.

According to a recent study on mobile travel apps  developers have been more focused on the usability of applications than on their security , leaving sensitive data vulnerable to breaches. Many companies recommend to their employees that they download only those applications (used for work, and otherwise), that come from certified Android or iOS app stores. Moreover, employees should use the latest versions of both OS and application and should be careful while using unsecured wireless networks.

Taking into account the ever-changing ways to bypass security, companies’ IT teams should be responsible for InfoSec inside a company, therefore it is their duty to raise this question in discussions with upper management. If the company has a consistent security policy where all employees understand the importance of usage of secure applications provided by trusted vendors then the likelihood of successful attacks decreases.

Flaws are inevitable in the process of creation of new software products. At the same time, secure software development is a practice that ensures that the code and processes used while developing applications are as secure as possible.The secure software development lifecycle takes into account security considerations at each step of the software development process: requirements assessment, design, coding, testing and deployment.

If you consider purchasing software for your company make sure that your vendor follows secure software development principles.

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