The Final Battle of Science Slam 2015 Is Coming

During the previous 4 editions of Science Slam Moldova we have witnessed many interesting and creative presentations. DAS Solutions has stayed close to young talents and invested its time and energy to help presenters do their best.

This week, four winners of the previous battles are going to present their works and we will find out who is the Slammer of the Year. The topics vary significantly, which makes the event even more compelling for the general public.

One of the participants, Alexandr Iscenco, is going to talk about 3D printing, robotics, open-source, ecology, and the future. He will present the findings of the research he conducted in Germany on this topic. Primarily, he will discuss the future role of robots and 3D printing in our lives and the progress already made since the invention of 3D printing.

During the Science Slam Final Battle, we will have the opportunity to find out about the influence of contagious diseases on the Moldovan history and about the ways authorities managed to deal with epidemics during the interwar period. The Slammer Alexandru Ghetan will shed light on this and many other things during the Final Battle of the Science Slam.

Another Slammer, Dr. Iulia Iatco, will discuss algae, cyanobacteria, and their structure. The scientist mentions that algae are not currently used at their full capacity around the world. Algae can be used in alimentation (thanks to their vitamins and microelements), but also in waste treatment (wastewaters can be cleaned effectively and responsibly using algae), agriculture (domestic animals can be fed with the biomass from microalgae) and many other industries!

A well-known ethologist, Dr. Dorian Furtuna, will discuss aggression, the reasons that lead to it, and its effects. He has recently published a book that explores the causes of human aggression and the reasons behind wars and explains why military conflicts keep happening around the world.

Science Slam is an event that brings together talented scientists and innovators with the general public and promotes new and exciting topics and ideas. DAS Solutions is proud to be a partner of Science Slam Moldova.

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