Welcome to the new DAS Solutions

Hello there,

For the past few months, while we’ve been diligently ideating and building awesome software pieces, we’ve been also, in secret, building something new. Namely our new brand identity and website redesign.  


Digital world does not tolerate stagnation, and by knowing this firsthand we knew that we must have a differentiating voice and brand identity which is underlined by a bolder look. Nonetheless, tell a comprehensive story of the services and opportunities we offer. As well highlight our awesome team that works hard, has fun, and loves a challenge. 

We wanted our logo to communicate that we’re experts in our industry and we’re dauntless in what we do and how we so it. Our clients look to us for trust and confidence in our expertise, and assurance that the job will be done the right way the first time. As our tagline says The Code You Trust thus we needed to depict that visually. Ultimately, we found that simplicity is the way to go for our new identity, while being different through the new bold blue color and typography. 

We’ve conceptualized the new message we wanted to spread about our team and future teammates. Thus we came up with the Do Something Different” tagline because this is one of our core values do try do something different everyday, be different, help & inspire others to do so as well.

In the end, we created a new brand identity that fits our new voice, and we’re incredibly excited to share it with our clients and the the world. Refreshing a company’s look, vision and upgrading a website takes a village, but it’s totally worth it. The announcement of the new identity and website doesn’t mean this is the borderline, on the contrary it’s just a new begging. As DAS Solutions lives and breathes, we’ll continue to improve, grow, create, build, and code so we can help other ambitious businesses thrive. Our work is never really done, the industry is fast moving, the work is gripping and change is expected but that’s for sure a big piece of the fun.


Moving forward,
DAS Solutions Team. 

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